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Instant messaging from the makers of BitTorrent


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Communicating with your friends and acquaintances is becoming ever easier and faster, but sometimes all you want is to make sure your messages are safe and secure. Well, Bleep is an instant messaging service developed by BitTorrent, and it's focused on anonymous sending of information through a secure, practically impenetrable system.

Bleep is a P2P client that works like any other IM tool, but without the involvement of external servers, meaning conversations are connected directly between the sender and receiver. This is also how BitTorrent works: its system shares files between point A and point B through anonymous nodes.

With Bleep, you can both text and make VoIP phone calls. Because this service stores no information on external servers, no one can access the content of the messages. And while the way it works may seem complicated, it's still so easy to use: simply open the app, choose a friend, and start chatting.

To use Bleep, registration is required and can be done in three different ways: via e-mail, with your phone number, or anonymously, although in the latter case, you won't be able to save a contact list.
By Taryn